The people we have worked with have been outstanding in knowledge, capability, and doing the job right..
Sally & David Morris
I was very pleased with the work, the workers, and the finished product! Good job!
George Gaskins
they were very friendly and helpful. The job was done professionally and to what I wanted. They offered to put in my sink which needed to be put together, and when it took more time, they took the time. Next summer I want to do my upstairs bathroom and I will be calling them.
Annette Benton
Scheduling with tile crew could be improved as Could communications between team members and with client. Work quality is very good as is friendliness of all workers and supervisors.
Jim & Ellen Liston
first of all they took my three transition pieces instead of leaving them with me The edges of the work were not done correctly There are some spots including nail exposure which should of been corrected
Stanley Anderson
The service throughout the project was exemplary! Bryan Keding’s assistance was invaluable. He brought his mobile van to our house so we would have access to many different floor samples. His ideas and suggestions were very beneficial and helped me immensely in choosing which flooring to use. After the job was completed he followed up by coming back for a final walk-through to verify that I was satisfied with the job that been done. There was one small correction that needed to be made, and he promptly had workers return to fix it. Everyone who has seen it comments on how fantastic it looks, how well the color and pattern of the flooring goes with the rest of the room and what a fabulous job was done installing it. I would definitely recommend Floor Coverings Int’l in Concord for any job, regardless of how large or small the project may be.
Pamela Gordon
Great customer service, talented installers, very professional
Meghan & Matt Willman
There is a extensive supply of various products, the staff is always ready to accommodate the clients needs and willing to work with them.
Maria & Roberto Viscogliosi
After the job was finished and we made the final payment, we found a couple of things that needed to be done. Tyler never got back to us. Also I found a piece of flooring that had defects even after I told them not to use those particular pieces.
Carol and Ernie Hall
We like the tile that we bought. It is perfect for our front porch. Bryan Keding was very helpful in our selection of the tile. He was very responsive and helpful for our needs. Yes, we would highly recommend Floor Coverings International Concord to others needing tile.
Nolan & Margaret Brewton