We are so disappointed from the beginning to the end of the work that was performed at my home. First day should have told me to cancel 'You had the wrong address' that should have been an omen. We asked that the old warped Oak plank flooring be removed and plywood laid down. We talked with your representative and that was what we agreed to and thought we paid for that plywood to be installed then New carpeting installed. The quote we saw was rather high but we figured that your company was diamond rated and had been recommended by Angies list. The couple guys show up to remove the old Oak planking a couple hours late, and I explained that we wanted the plywood to go through the hallway up to each bedroom. Your worker says " plywood where is the plywood we didn't know anything about or bring plywood" Well I call your representative and he said" he remembered that we agreed to plywood being laid down but he would have to eat that cost. Well I thought that was why it was so expensive. I agreed to split that cost now too. Now we have a date for carpet installation 9:00 am Thursday. I get a call at 8:45am Thursday that one worker has been injured and your not sure when you will be able to finish the job, but will get back to me ASAP with a date. No call back Thursday but I called your representative late Thursday and explained the situation I was told we'll get on it. Nothing. So I called Friday afternoon and was told "we are not sure when" Finally I get a call the next week that your coming out few days later to install carpet. OK 1 guy shows up at 3:40 to install carpet and he asks me "where's the Carpet" I say you have as it's not here, finally you deliver it at 5:30 I talked to your installer about the fact that we DIDN"T want any SEAMS in the Living room and that we have had 3 different carpet over the years in this room laid and NEVER had a seam . Well we now have a seam cause he said that he couldn't stretch the carpet two inches even though your representative AGREED there would be NO seam. And the Padding crackles now. Now your representative shows up a week later saying that there shouldn't have been a seam and eventually the crackling should stop 'Blah, Blah, Blah'. Oh well he'll drop off some carpet cleaning products later. Nope never saw them or him again . For $5200 your group did not perform the work that was promised. I will warn others of the poor workmanship and our dissatisfaction with your business.
Stephen & Francella Biles
My new floor is gorgeous. The employees--sales representative, installers. and phone contact--were unfailingly polite and friendly. I particularly appreciated your practice of bringing samples to my home rather than my having to shop for them.
Jane Rising
These guys are so Knowledgeable with all types of floor Coverings
Showroom Customers
On time, did what was planned and cleaned up the site
Marilyn Lindvig
Products are good and service was great. Thanks
Mike Gengler
There were multiple miss management steps all the way through the project. The sales part was perfect. We signed for the 1 yr no interest no payment plan, the loan amount they took out was much higher than the loan needed, we had to get that corrected, then on the project start day there was a miss communication between the installers and the management, so they postponed start by a day. On the following day the sales person was to be there to make sure everything goes smoothly, they don't show and the installers are asking my wife questions about which way the flooring is to be laid. This should have already been handled by the management. I now have to take time out of my meetings to handle this snafu. The install finally starts and goes smoothly. I then receive my first notice from the lean holder and there is interest already accruing. I then have to notify the sales contact about this and get this straightened out. After calling the management about this I also let them know the installers had finished the day prior and they did not know that. They then tell me someone will be out on Monday to do a final inspection. Monday comes and no one shows, I call and they reschedule for Wednesday, Wednesday comes and the inspector calls and asks to reschedule for Friday or Saturday. So it took a full week to get someone here to do a final inspection. I expect a large cash return on this. The reason my wife and I went with this company's offer over others (which was the most expensive by the way) was because of the sales pitch of all the hand holding and hands off we would have to be on this project. None of that was at all met on this project. When I pay out more than $20,000 dollars on something I expect to be delivered everything I pay for. And that was not the case with this company.
Anthony & Darci Terlizzi
My tile and carpet look great. The tile installers were fantastic. Was scheduled 3 different times for a final walk through and no one showed up, called, or really even apologized. I was promised floor cleaner for the new tile and haven’t heard one mention of it since I signed the contract. Also, a board on the base of my bed was broken when it was being moved to install carpet.
Melissa Wilson
The company did an excellent job of working to meet our needs and get us installed when we needed it. Fantastic service and one of the best installation interactions we've had to date.
Games of Antioch - Gene Griffith
Respect the timeline. Ask the owner when you have any doubt. Pay attention to details
Elisa Leonardi (La Scuola international School)
Norma Davis