Luxury vinyl plank flooring in Concord area homeFor homeowners in the greater Concord area who want the look and feel of hardwood floors and the performance of tile, all at the cost of vinyl, look no further than luxury vinyl plank flooring. Luxury plank has been gaining in popularity in recent years, and here at Floor Coverings International Concord, we think you should know about it! It is an affordable, high-performing material that might be just what you need.

Construction and Design

Similar to luxury vinyl tile, luxury plank flooring is constructed of durable layers of vinyl topped with a design and finish layer. The high-quality graphic design and texture create a flooring material that closely mimics the look and feel of natural hardwood. Because it’s made of vinyl, luxury plank flooring is high resistant to water, and is durable enough for the areas of your home that see the most traffic. Compared to the hardwood it imitates, this vinyl flooring is also softer underfoot and provides a touch of warmth in the colder seasons.


When it comes to vinyl flooring, quality and cost go hand-in-hand, and there is a wide range of brands that manufacture different lines of vinyl plank. On the cheaper end, the flooring tends to be incredibly thin and much less appealing to look at. The higher quality vinyl planks are typically half an inch thick, and the planks themselves are made to replicate one plank of wood. While they are more expensive than other vinyl options, you’ll find that most luxury vinyl plank installations won’t break the bank, especially when compared to natural hardwood.


Aside from its great looks, what we like about luxury plank flooring is its ability to go just about anywhere in your home, including kitchens, basements, and even bathrooms. Thanks to it’s water resistant qualities, you won’t have to worry shrinkage or expansion as you do with natural wood. Luxury plank floors can also be installed directly over pre-existing floors, with either an adhesive or as a floated floor.


With vinyl flooring, maintenance is a breeze. To keep your floors looking their best, sweep regularly to remove dirt and larger particles from your floors to help prevent wear and scratching. A weekly mopping will also take care of any surface marks or stains, but make sure to use a cleaning product approved by your floor’s manufacturer.

Call Your Local Flooring Experts

When you are ready to find out if luxury vinyl plank flooring is right for you, call Floor Coverings International Concord. Schedule your free, in-home design consultation and we’ll bring our great selection of flooring samples right to your home. Get started on your next flooring project today!

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