Travertine tile in LafayetteTravertine is a classic, luxurious natural stone tile that will never go out of style – an excellent choice for Lafayette homeowners. Travertine tile was commonly used in ancient Roman buildings, and in some cases, that tile has lasted until the present day. Its beautiful and weathered Old World style also makes it look straight out of a Mediterranean villa.

Think travertine might be the right choice for your space? Then here are a few facts and tips from the Floor Coverings International Concord experts:

Advantages of Travertine Tile

  • Travertine tile is tough and durable, as evidenced by the Roman travertine structures that have lasted for centuries. Therefore, you can trust that it will stand up to everyday wear and tear. Travertine’s resistance to moisture and ability to withstand temperature changes also make it acceptable for virtually any area of your home.
  • Travertine tile is typically available in light earth tones like beige, gray, and taupe. It has a marbled look with slight color variations and natural blemishes. Though most travertine is similar in color, it is available in a range of finishes, including unfinished, matte, and glossy options. Depending on the style you’re going for (rustic, traditional, contemporary), you may choose a particular finish that blends with your décor.

Other Considerations

  • Travertine tile, like most natural stone, can be pricey. Its extreme durability and unique look make it a more luxurious, high-end choice than ceramic or porcelain tile.
  • Though travertine tile can last for many years, travertine can be brittle due to its limestone content. Therefore, you should be careful to avoid chipping your travertine floors.
  • Natural stone tile like travertine is porous, so it requires some extra care and maintenance over time. Unsealed and/or unpolished travertine styles will be particularly susceptible to staining and etching. To avoid this, you should clean your floors using a specialized stone cleaner and have them resealed periodically.

To see travertine tile samples in your own Lafayette home, just give us a call! Floor Coverings International Concord provides free in-home consultations to homeowners in the Concord, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, & Martinez, CA area.

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Photo Credit: Rudy Umans