At Floor Coverings International Concord, we love incorporating the natural beauty of various flooring materials into homes across Contra Costa County. One of our favorites is earth-sourced sandstone tile, cut from sandstone rock quarries. Known for its incredible beauty, sandstone’s transition from raw material to home flooring choice doesn’t take away an inch of its majesty. The resulting tiles have a sandy-gold hue, sometimes mingled with reds, browns, or tans. Usually, sandstone tiles are “gauged” to create a smooth surface underfoot while maintaining a suggestion of the stone’s natural texture. Are you ready to discover more about sandstone tile flooring? Sandstone’s particular combination of warmth and grandeur might be just the thing for your bay area home.

Benefits of Sandstone Tile Flooring

The competition is tough, but sandstone tops our list of the most visually appealing natural stone tile varieties. Speaking of tough, sandstone tile is a durable option for your flooring needs, Sandstone Tile Flooring, Concordand it can last for generations when properly taken care of. In the event that a sandstone tile does crack or chip, it is easy to replace. However, because sandstone comes in one-of-a-kind variations of color and pattern, the right replacement stone can be hard to match. The wise homeowner will lay away a few spares during the initial installation process.

Above all, it’s that unique beauty of sandstone tile that will make it a flooring dream for your Concord home. The airy warmth of this stone mingles with the rugged character of its texture to create an inimitable play of opposites that will transform your space. Sandstone tile flooring would be ideal for a great room with a desert-modern feel. For a similar affect on a smaller scale, it can be used to accent a living room fireplace or hearth area.

Some Challenges

Sandstone is a hard flooring material, but compared to other stone tile varieties, it’s actually on the softer side. This means that dents and discolorations will occur over time no matter how well the stone is cared for. To some homeowners, this aging process is a drawback, but to others, it’s a guarantee that the character and uniqueness of their tile floors will only accrue with age. We’ll leave this preference up to you.

Something else to think about is sandstone’s porousness, a quality that limits this tile’s usability around the house. Sandstone absorbs liquid at a rate of 1% to 6%, leaving these tiles vulnerable to stains, mold, and micro bacteria. Sandstone is generally not recommended for use in bathrooms, kitchens, or other notably damp areas. Basically, liquid is this beauty’s kryptonite. Even regular soap can stain sandstone tiles due to a chemical reaction between alkaline sandstone and acidic soap.

Sandstone tile is not right for every application, but in the right room, it makes a flooring statement that is like no other. Call Floor Coverings International Concord today to schedule a free in-home consultation in the Concord, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, & Martinez, CA area!


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