Granite tile floor in Concord hallwayGranite tile is gaining in popularity among Concord area residents. Not only is it a beautiful flooring material, it’s very durable and works well in a variety of applications. Here at Floor Coverings International Concord, we’re dedicated to helping homeowners find the perfect flooring for their needs. Read on to learn more about the different benefits and applications of granite tile.

What Is Granite?

Granite is a naturally occurring igneous rock that is formed during the cooling and solidification process of magma, making it a very hard and strong material. It contains between 20 and 60 percent quartz by volume, creating a truly unique and visually stunning material. Historically, the granite industry is one of the oldest in the world, with early uses of granite tile dating back to ancient Egypt.


Thanks to its hardness, granite is almost impossible to break, making it an excellent choice for flooring. Once sealed, granite tile is highly impervious to water and moisture, and is naturally resistant to mold and mildew, and works great in high-moisture areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Granite can be finished with polished, honed, flamed, or brushed finishes, which provides you with a variety of design options to choose from. Although it’s an expensive flooring option, granite can increase the value of your home, which makes up for the higher cost of installation.


Many homeowners love the look of granite slab countertops, but it also excels as a flooring tile. Cut granite tile can also be used around bathtubs, sinks, and on walls, allowing you to add extra elegance to ordinary places around your home. What’s more, granite tile is easy to clean and maintain, so you don’t have to worry about challenging upkeep. Simply wipe your granite with a damp cloth or mop using mildly soapy water, and avoid using abrasive cleaners and chemicals that include bleach and ammonia.


Like other types of natural stone tile, there are a few special considerations when it comes to granite tile:

  • Granite tile is typically more expensive than other types of tile. Installation is difficult and requires a professional.
  • Because it’s a porous material, granite should be treated with an appropriate sealant to protect the surface from staining and damage.
  • If used in a bathroom, extra precautions may be needed to prevent slipping on granite’s smooth finish. If used in the floor of a shower, make sure to choose small tiles with a matte finish to help avoid slipping.

At Floor Coverings International Concord we carry a great selection of natural stone tiling solutions, including beautiful granite. Call today to schedule a free, in-home design consultation with one of our flooring specialists to learn more about bringing this luxurious material into your Concord home!

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