Modern kitchen with bright concrete floors in Concord CALong gone are the days when concrete floors were relegated to the basement or garage as more and more Concord area homeowners are discovering the variety of benefits and design possibilities they offer. At Floor Coverings International Concord, we’re all about finding creative flooring solutions for our customers in the greater Concord, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, & Martinez, CA areas. Read on to learn more about why you should consider taking advantage of concrete floors.


Concrete floors have numerous benefits often sought after in other flooring materials. One of their best attributes is their longevity. They are highly durable and only require simple maintenance to keep them at their best. They are also an inexpensive flooring option compared to other materials like natural stone or hardwoods. This is especially true if your subfloors are already made of concrete, which may only require a quick refinish that involves sanding and polishing the floor’s surface. For those of you who might be worried about cold feet, concrete can even be installed with radiant flooring to help keep you warm through cooler months.

Dining room with dark concrete floors


Concrete floors offer some of the most versatile design possibilities. They can be stained, painted, polished, and even stamped to look like tile or other types of flooring. The combination of etching and a high-gloss polish can even mimic the design of marble slabs that can truly enhance your space’s design. Many homeowners also find that concrete floors complement the other materials in their home nicely and create pleasing contrasts with existing woods and textiles.


Unlike most other flooring options, maintaining concrete is quick and easy. With concrete slab, there’s hardly a spot for dirt and other debris to hide. Spills aren’t an issue either, and come off with the quick wipe of a damp cloth. We recommend sweeping regularly to keep the surface clear and a weekly mopping with warm, mildly soapy water to keep them clean. Although pet owners may find they need to sweep more often, cleaning is still a quick task.

Potential Drawbacks

While concrete offers many positive qualities, there are a few drawbacks that deter some homeowners:

  • Hardness – Concrete is a very hard flooring material that some find unpleasant.
  • Cracking – Overtime as large slabs of concrete settle they may develop cracks that require filling and refinishing.
  • Moisture – Homes with more moisture may experience dampness in below-grade basements that limits the application of paints and certain finishes, which can be mitigated by proper sealing.

Overall, concrete offers a unique flooring option that provides many advantages and design options. If you’d like to explore the possibility of bringing concrete floors into your home, call Floor Coverings International Concord today and schedule a free design consultation. We’re dedicated to helping our customers find the perfect floors for their needs!

Photo © Elena Elisseeva, alexandre zveiger

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