Homeowners in the Concord area have fallen in love with oak hardwood flooring.  It’s no surprise why; oak hardwood flooring has reigned king across the United States as a whole for years, with over 50% of all hardwood flooring installed being an oak variety.  What draws so many to oak hardwood flooring is its combination of stunning good looks and durability.  If you’re interested in adding an oak hardwood floor to your Concord home, there are two varieties to choose between: red oak hardwood flooring and white oak hardwood flooring.  To learn more about white oak flooring, read on!white oak hardwood flooring in concord

All About White Oak Flooring

One of the things that makes oak flooring in general so popular is its neutral tones. Red oak hardwood brings a pinkish hue to an otherwise neutral base, whereas white oak hardwood flooring has a slight grey or blue hue to its boards. Beyond the flooring’s base color, though, oak, especially white oak, is also able to take stains very well, so the options for your oak flooring are almost unlimited.

White oak flooring also offers homeowners outstanding durability.  While all oak varieties are thought of as strong flooring types, white oak outshines red on the Janka hardness scale, which ranks the hardness of various woods.  While red oak hardwood flooring scores about a 1290 on the Janka hardness scale, white oak flooring scores approximately a 1360.

The only downside to white oak flooring is that the combination of durability and style does make white oak hardwood flooring an investment piece.  If you love the look of white oak but not the price tag, though, it’s also possible to choose a laminate or wood tile flooring option in an oak grain.

Start Your White Oak Flooring Project

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Photo: © PavelShynkarou