unfinished hardwood flooring in concord caIf you’re debating the benefits of prefinished flooring vs. unfinished hardwood flooring, you’re not alone. The question of finishing is often the last on a homeowner’s list as they plan their hardwood flooring project, but it’s a vital decision in your project process. Both prefinished hardwood flooring and unfinished hardwood flooring have their own pros and cons. To learn more about the two options, see our page on prefinished hardwood flooring, or read on to discover the advantages of unfinished hardwood flooring.

Why a Floor’s Finishing Matters

Your floor’s finishing is the last touch of the hardwood flooring construction process, whether that last step takes place in the factory (“prefinished” or “factory finished” hardwood flooring) or whether that step takes place in your home (“site finished” or “unfinished” hardwood flooring). Finishes are used to give your flooring added protection against wear and tear, moisture, and damage. Finishes can also be used to transform the style of your hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring types like oak that take finishes well are often reimagined during the finishing process by adding new hues and patterns that can mimic other hardwood flooring types.

The Advantages and Drawbacks of Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

If you have existing hardwood floors that you’d like your new flooring to match exactly, there’s no better option than opting for unfinished hardwood floors. By choosing unfinished flooring, you’ll allow your professional installation team to finish the flooring in your home and create a beautiful match to your existing hardwood floors. Unfinished hardwood flooring is also a good option if you would like to add stylistic flourishes to your hardwood flooring or bring out the natural tendencies of the wood; unfinished flooring gives the installation team more options and doesn’t have the mandated look of factory finished options. A drawback of unfinished hardwood flooring, though, is that it lacks the controls of the factory finishing setting. It’s important to choose a professional and experienced installation team if you opt for unfinished hardwood flooring.

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