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Choosing the right hardwood flooring for your Walnut Creek home can be tough, especially considering there are so many wonderful options on the market today. One type of wood floor we particularly love here at Floor Coverings International Concord is maple. Maple hardwood flooring is known for its light, elegant look. It instantly brings a classic, welcoming look and feel to any room, and it tends to look very modern and contemporary. Maple’s natural tones usually range from cream and tan to warmer yellowish beige. However, maple can also be found in darker varieties with more red and brown hues.

Maple Grains & Patterns

Maple wood tends to be subtly grained with the pattern running in fairly straight, parallel lines. However, there are some species of maple that feature more distinctive and swirled grain patterns. Curly maple styles are known for having a grain pattern that resembles stripes or flames.

Bird’s-eye maple features circular or elliptical patterns, and quilted maple is wavy in appearance. Both of these styles bring an eye-catching quality ideal for larger spaces. Whether you choose a straight grain or one that has a swirled look, maple always brings an elegant feel to the room.

Maple Grade & Cost

It should be noted the more complex and interesting the pattern of a certain type of maple is, the more expensive it will likely be. Wood grade is also affected by how “clean,” uniform, and free of knots the wood appears. Maple that has a lot of knots and texture tends to be the least expensive. However, some Walnut Creek homeowners prefer patterned varieties because they think they have the most character. These types can also offer a more rustic and antique feel to a space.

With so many looks, colors, and grain options, it’s no wonder maple hardwood flooring is a popular choice. It’s also one of the hardest wood species, which makes it suitable for high traffic areas (it’s often favored to make the lanes in bowling alleys). Maple is also nearly non-porous, which contributes to its durability. Although highly resistant to dents, it can be prone to scratching. If maple floors are swept and cleaned regularly, they can maintain a beautiful like-new look for decades.

If you’d like to learn more about the maple hardwood flooring options available for your home, contact us today at Floor Coverings International Concord and schedule a free estimate!


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Photo: © John Wollwerth