Cherry hardwood flooring in Concord

Cherry is one of the most versatile hardwood varieties available. It is highly prized both for its beauty and because it is easy to work with. In addition to hardwood flooring, cherry is also commonly used to make furniture, cabinets, and musical instruments. Given all of its many uses, cherry wood is widely available and currently makes up about 3% of commercial wood in use today.

About Cherry Flooring

In North America, cherry is primarily grown in the Eastern United States and Canada, but Brazilian cherry is a commonly used variety as well. Cherry is a medium density wood, with low stiffness, medium strength, and fairly high durability. It generally has a very uniform grain and smooth texture, and all of these factors make it a great all-around wood to work with. The typical tree grows to between 50 and 80 feet in height, and its natural color ranges from dark red and reddish brown hues in its heartwood to an almost white color in its sapwood. It is particularly desirable as a flooring material because it will oxidize and darken with age and exposure to light. This process creates richer tones over time, and the wood develops more character in the process.

Color Tones

Although it can be left unstained to display lighter tones, cherry is often stained to bring out its darker features. When this is the case, it pairs well with lighter color walls and furniture, which helps develop greater contrast between the floor and the rest of the elements of the room. This enables the beautiful red tones of the wood to really shine, making it an elegant focal point for any room of your home suitable for hardwood.

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At Floor Coverings International Concord, we believe cherry is an excellent choice in hardwood flooring, especially for homes in and around Concord, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, & Martinez, CA. Keep it near the top of your list of options if you are considering installing new hardwood flooring in your home, and contact us any time to arrange a free in-home design consultation with one of our dedicated flooring experts. We would be glad to discuss your options and determine whether cherry is the right hardwood for you.

Photo Credit: Iriana Shiyan