sisal carpet Concord CAIt’s no secret that we love all things green in Concord, California; why should our carpeting be any different? At Floor Coverings International Concord, we’re proud to carry Sisal carpeting in our product line. Sisal carpets are a centuries old option for eco-friendly flooring that can offer a host of benefits to homeowners.

The Basics of Sisal Carpeting

The word “Sisal” in the carpeting world can be a little tricky. Sisal carpeting is a particular carpet flooring type derived from the agave plant and used for centuries as a floor covering. Sisal also, though, can be used as a “catch-all” term for eco-friendly carpeting.  At Floor Coverings International Concord, we carry both Sisal carpeting in particular and other eco-friendly flooring options as well.

Benefits of Sisal Carpeting

100% Natural— Most homeowners who are interested in Sisal are drawn to it because it’s an all-natural flooring option. By choosing Sisal, you can avoid the dangers of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) found in other flooring types.

Durability— Sisal carpeting provides durability that man-made carpets can’t match. The agave plant provides an incredibly tough source material for sisal carpeting and helps this carpet stand up to life’s wear and tear.

Stain Resistant— One of the biggest benefits of sisal carpeting is that this carpet type is naturally stain resistant. Dirt and grime won’t find a home within this carpet’s weave, which makes cleaning easier and helps your carpeting look newer longer.

Drawbacks to Sisal Carpeting

Prone to Water Stains: Sisal is one of the few natural carpeting options that can be dyed, which is certainly a perk, but that absorbent ability leads to Sisal’s biggest con—water stains. Sisal carpeting is prone to water stains because of its absorbency, so it’s best to use place this carpet in areas of the home without high moisture levels.

To speak with an expert about adding Sisal carpeting to your home, call us at Floor Coverings International Concord today. We help our customers throughout the Concord, CA area complete their carpet flooring projects on-time, on-budget, and to their satisfaction. Contact us today to begin your flooring renovation!


Photo: Mr. Interior