nylon carpet in concord, californiaCarpet flooring has remained a favorite flooring choice for many homeowners in the Concord, California, area for decades. Its soft feel, comfort, and warmth can’t be beat. When choosing carpeting for your home, there are many factors that should be taken into consideration. How much traffic the area will receive, how much maintenance you are willing to do, and the aesthetic you are trying to create are a few of these factors. Knowing the answers to these questions will help your flooring specialist point you in the right direction. One factor of carpet that contributes to its overall functionality as a flooring material is the fiber type. The most popular fiber type in residential flooring today is nylon. Here we’ll look at nylon carpet and what makes it a popular choice for many homes in the Concord, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, & Martinez, CA area.


One of the most appealing qualities of nylon is its durability. It’s a strong and resilient fiber, which makes it able to stand up well to everyday wear and tear, abrasion, and hold it’s form over long periods of use. Steam cleaning a nylon carpet about once a year can do a lot in helping revive the carpet, bringing it back to life when the fibers start to flatten as a result of a lot of foot traffic. This periodic deep cleaning along with regular vacuuming can generally make nylon carpets last for a long time.

Stain Resistance

Nylon fibers are very absorbent. This means to prevent spills from soaking deep into the floor and leaving stains, nylon carpets should be protected with a stain-resistant treatment. Some varieties of nylon are more stain resistant than others, the most resistant being solution-dyed nylon. This means the color is added during production of the fiber. When the color is part of the fiber, it makes the carpet more resistant to stains because the spills cannot attach themselves to the fibers.


Although nylon is not the cheapest synthetic fiber type, it is the most versatile. From soft plush carpet to durable and low maintenance Berber, it is used in many different carpet styles. It’s also used in the construction of patterned carpets. Its durability, stain resistance, and resiliency make it a versatile fiber type used in many household carpets in Concord and beyond.

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