Homeowners in the Concord area love the unique look of cut and loop carpet for the living room and beyond. We know that choosing the perfect carpet for your home can be a time-consuming process, so the team at Floor Coverings International Concord sat down to do the work for you. We weighed the pros and cons of cut and loop carpet to compile this handy guide just for you. Read on to learn more about cut and loop carpet for your home.

Textured Carpet in Concord, CAWhat is Cut and Loop Carpet?

Cut and loop carpet is a style of rug that is constructed from a mixture of looped and straight-cut fibers. The juxtaposition of fiber types allows manufacturers to create visually intriguing patterns in the carpet, ranging from geometric to abstract.

Cut and loop carpet, popular in the 70’s and 80’s, is often considered a vintage style carpet. However, in recent years, modern homeowners looking to stand out from the pack have revived the popularity this type of carpet. When it comes to cut loop carpet for home décor, what’s old is definitely new, but with a geometric twist!

Textured Carpet in Concord, CACommon Design Styles

In the 70’s and 80’s, “sculptured” cut and loop carpeting was highly sought after. These carved designs featured cut-pile carpet interspersed with wavy lines of looped carpet. This treatment created an almost marbled look.

With the modern cut and loop carpet, the sculptured look has given way to geometric designs. Homeowners are opting for square or diamond shaped patterns and recessed shapes are popular. One common look is a pattern of flat loop diamonds nestled in a frame of longer cut carpet. Another favorite is the pin-dot style, which features dots of tightly looped carpet arranged within a cut pile backdrop.

Is Cut and Loop Right for Your Room?

The main attraction of cut and loop carpet is its distinctive appearance and intriguing texture. Considering the fact that contemporary décor trends are increasingly inspired by textures, it’s no surprise that cut and loop patterns are making a comeback

With so much riding on the look of cut and loop, most homeowners choose to keep this carpet out of high-traffic rooms. Wear and tear will not decrease the functionality of this carpet, but it will degrade the delightful appearance of the cut and loop pattern.

For a living room or a sitting room, choose a cut and loop carpet made of thick, high-quality saxony. The strength of this carpet type will hold up better to foot traffic in these rooms. For a stately study or a groovy bedroom, any type of cut and loop will work.

Get the look of cut and loop carpeting for you Concord home when you contact the flooring professionals at Floor Coverings International Concord. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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