Floor Coverings International Concord carries a great selection of quality Berber carpeting. Berber is a great flooring option because of the advancements in technology that make it longer lasting and better looking. Berber has become a popular flooring choice for many rooms in the home and can be picked to match any style or color you desire.

Stacks of traditional Berber rugs


Berber carpets get their name from the Berber ethnic group indigenous to North Africa, known for their rich cultural heritage, unique language, and beautiful woven rugs and fabric. Their tradition of weaving dates back several thousand years and their handmade rugs have historically been prized throughout the world for their beauty and unique design.

Today, most modern Berber carpeting is manufactured using a loop pile construction that closely resembles the traditional handwoven patterns. It’s typically a tough carpet that holds up well in busy homes or in areas that get a lot of foot traffic. They are also easy to clean thanks to their short fibers that make it hard for dirt and debris to hide.

“Berber is such a wonderful flooring choice because it’s a durable carpet and it comes in so many looks and styles. Call us to see our selection, there has to be one that will work perfectly for your project.” – Reggie Keding, Owner

living room with light Berber carpets

Wide Variety Available

Advancements in flooring technology and improved materials have resulted in more durable and longer lasting varieties of Berber carpets. Berber also comes in a nearly endless selection of looks, and the color, height, pattern, and material can all be adjusted to meet your needs. You’re even able to mesh more than one color or more than one loop length into your Berber carpet, giving it a unique look and feel. Our design experts can help you choose the right combinations to bring out the decorations or furniture in your home.

Your Local Flooring Experts

We work with industry-leading manufacturers to provide you the best selection of quality flooring options at competitive prices. We serve the Concord, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, & Martinez, CA area, and can’t wait to work with you! Contact Floor Coverings International Concord to learn more about our great selection of Berber carpets and the benefits it offers as a flooring option for your next project.

Schedule your free, in-home design consultation and our knowledgeable design experts will help you choose the perfect flooring choice for your needs. Once you find the right floor covering, our installation team will quickly and effectively install your new floor so you can start enjoying your new space.

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