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Rustic hardwood floor in ConcordIt can be tough to figure out what to do in terms of flooring installation for your new home in Concord, CA. There is a whole range of options to consider, and it does take some reflection about the kind of lifestyle that you live, and what might allow for the most comfort and convenience for your family over a significant amount of time in the future of all of your lives. There are colors to consider, materials to mull over, and styles to think about – and it can certainly be overwhelming.

Luckily for you, Floor Coverings International has you covered (no pun intended). You have the expertise of a Design Associate that comes in the form of a hassle-free, and literally free, consultation, that can help you figure out what makes sense for your home, and how to proceed. We will help you figure out what decision is the best out of thousands of options, whether you are interested in newer eco-friendly options or are a fan of a more vintage style.

Hardwood Flooring

There are many people all around the world that opt for hardwood flooring because of the fact that it can weather through all sorts of style cycles and has a bit of a “timeless” feel. There is also the added convenience of the fact that it can be a logistical solution when it comes to cleaning. For those who are more concerned about an economic improvement – hardwood flooring is great for overall home resale value, as well. We are here to handle all your hardwood flooring installation needs.

Carpet Flooring

For a family, it is hard to compete with the softness and warmness that a carpet can provide, but that doesn’t mean that it is easy to choose which carpet makes sense. There are so many different styles and colors to choose from, whether you are interested in a more high-end plush option or care more about overall durability to last throughout the years. Our design associate is happy to help you figure out which option makes the most sense.

Tile and Stone Flooring

Tile is picking up steam in terms of a modern option, as more people are realizing that tile can be convenient outside of the bathroom, as well. There are some amazing stone options that can really add to the overall home decor, and there are an array of options to choose from in terms of natural stone, as well. We understand that tile and stone flooring installation options can be confusing, and are happy to help you decide what makes sense.

Laminate Flooring

For those who are more interested in the most economical option, laminate flooring might be the most obvious choice. This might be a great option for those who are strictly looking at their home as an investment or rental property or simply prefer to spend money on their home in a different way. A wood look-alike or stone look-alike can also be quite convincing, and help you be more flexible in terms of overall home decor.

Eco-Friendly Flooring

There are more people who understand how important it is to be environmentally-friendly than ever, which is why more homes and businesses are finding out ways to do their small part to help. It’s also in style, as well. There are more interesting options that have unique perks with regards to insulation and allergy, as well.

Commercial Flooring

A business has to make sure that flooring makes sense in terms of overall investment, durability, and convenience, to make sure that their workers can be as productive as possible. We provide high-quality flooring for a low price, which can help to improve your overall bottom line as a business.

Other Flooring

Our flooring options don’t just stop there! Of course, there are more unique and lesser-known options, whether you are considering rubber, linoleum, or other possibilities. We would be happy to walk you through these flooring installation options and show you what they look like.

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Floor Coverings International of Concord, CA, recently earned the prestigious Diamond Certified award. This award is presented only to hardwood flooring contractors and other local service companies that rate “highest in quality” in a detailed customer satisfaction study of their customers served during the previous four-year period. Each qualifying company must also pass a license, insurance, complaint status, legal and credit rating. As a Diamond Certified company, Floor Coverings International is proud to be recognized for exceptional customer satisfaction and professionalism.

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