Wood look tile in modern Concord bathroomWood-look tile is rising in popularity among homeowners in the greater Concord, CA area. It’s a great way to get the classic look and feel of hardwood floors at a more affordable price, and because it’s tile, it can even be installed in the parts of your home off-limits to solid wood. Just where should you install it? Our team at Floor Coverings International Concord shares 4 great places below!


We all know that hardwood and water don’t mix well. Changes in humidity and moisture will cause the planks to expand and contract and wreak havoc on the floor’s finish. With wood-look tile, you don’t have to worry! Both ceramic and porcelain tiles can withstand prolonged exposure to moisture, allowing you do get the great look of hardwood floors in your bathroom!


Similar to bathrooms, basements pose problems for a variety of flooring materials, including carpet and hardwood. Tile has long been a good solution for below grade basements, and wood-look tile gives you the extra benefit of beautiful design. If your basement is not just for storage, these tiles will help create a space you’ll want to spend time in. Although tile will be cooler to the touch during colder months, area rugs will provide added warmth and comfort. For a bit of added luxury, tile floors can even be installed over radiant heating.


We spend a lot of time in our kitchens and they are often the center of a home. While there is some debate about whether hardwood flooring is the best option for kitchens, that debate goes out the window with wood-look tile. Its durability will give you long lasting floors that can withstand years of heavy foot traffic, and your floors won’t need to be refinished to keep them looking their best. What’s more? Because it’s tile, your maintenance routine is simple and requires regular sweeping and mopping to keep your floors clean.


While tile might not be your first choice for bedroom flooring, it offers homeowners a versatile option that’s low-maintenance and looks great! The addition of area rugs allows you to play with different textures and contrasts that are harder to achieve with materials like bedroom carpeting. And remember those radiant floors we mentioned for your basement? Your feet will love them in your bedroom too!

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Photo © Dariusz Jarzabek