tile grout martinez It’s true that with tiled flooring, the tiles themselves cover the majority of the space. But here’s a handy little secret: to maintain your sparkling tile flooring, whether in the bathroom or the kitchen, one of the most important factors is the grout!

Grout is basically the adhesive material that connects your tiles and requires special care to keep it clean and functional. At Floor Coverings International Concord, we take flooring seriously, and that includes the cleanliness of the glue that holds your floor tiles together! Today, we have some suggestions for cleaning grout so that you can enjoy your vibrant tile flooring.

Problem Substances

If your tile flooring is in the kitchen, then the source of what’s dirtying the grout is probably various food stains and spills. For bathroom flooring, mold, mildew, and soap scum tend to make their way into the grout and darken it. Grout is quite porous, so it can quickly become dirty in a way that makes maintenance challenging. With new grout in your floor, it’s a great idea to apply a grout sealer. This is a simple way protect from mildew in particular, and let’s face it, nobody likes mildew.

Getting Down to Business

tile grout martinez

When you begin your grout cleaning, you can scrub off surface particles and other grime with hot water and a cloth. Next, add a mild grout-cleaning solution and let this stand for several minutes. This is an important step because it loosens gross layers of grease and grime from the grout—so set that timer! After you’ve let the solution do its thing, the time has come to scrub your grout. A toothbrush works pretty well for this step.

If certain sections of the grout are really challenging to scrub clean, a very careful application of sandpaper across these sections can be effective. You can even try a clean pencil eraser! Just be careful not to scratch or rub the tiles themselves during this process. Once you have given the grout a thorough scrubbing, rinse everything in hot water and then dry it all up with cloths or soft paper towels. Let your grout air-dry for up to twenty-four hours before applying a new coat of sealant to prevent future dirt and stains.

The Next Step

It is possible that some grout is just too stubborn to handle. That’s okay! Visit our post on re-grouting if you’d like to know more about the process of placing new grout.

More Questions?

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