Flooring replacement comes with an aging home and changing tastes. When you finally decide to do it, it’ll all boil down to major factors like the material, project cost, and timeline. If you’ve opted for vinyl flooring, it’s important to know whether you’re capable of doing the remodeling on your own or if you should seek professional help.

With all the hype surrounding DIY projects, it’s important to know the pros and cons of your options. In this article, we’ll help you breakdown important considerations.


The major deciding factor for many is the cost of installation. Doing your own installation will obviously be the cheaper choice; you’ll spend about $200 to $400, depending on what type of vinyl you’re using. If you’re going to get the remodeling done by professionals, expect to spend $300 – $400 more—on top of the material costs—for the labor and other charges.

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DIY installation will entail the purchase of flooring materials, product shipping and delivery, tools for flooring removal and installation, and possible repairs. On the other hand, getting it done by professionals will cover practically everything, from the materials needed to the labor cost for removing the existing flooring and installing the new one.

Size and Shape of the Room

Clearly, the bigger the area and the odder the shape, the harder the installation will be. For a spacious room, it’ll take some time to finish. With tricky corners and your DIY skill level, expect the project to take significantly longer.

If you’re dealing with an irregularly-shaped area, it’s best to just call your local contractors. They’ll assess the space and know, right off the bat, how to do the installation. Even if you decide to DIY, you may still need their help if the first try doesn’t go well.


Vinyl Flooring Should You Hire a Contractor or DIY1If you’re new to home DIY projects—especially flooring installation—you’re going to have to learn the basics, which means going right back to the beginning. Which, consequently, means more time spent studying before actually applying.

Of course, you’ll have to consider your work, domestic, and social life in that timeline as well.

With professional help, your project will be done twice as fast—especially if your contractors are deeply experienced and particularly skilled at handling vinyl flooring. Even with the size and complications of the space, they’re sure to work faster than you, especially considering that there will most likely be more than one of them working on the installation.


Doing your own renovation will call for intensive, lengthy labor on your part. It’ll take more effort since you’re most probably new to flooring installations. If there are two of you working on the project, it’ll be easier. However, numbers still cannot negate experience. You and your partner will need to make huge adjustments to your schedule to accommodate the project.

The upside is, of course, you’ll learn something new and save money while doing so. However, flooring installation is still a huge project, and thus will take up a lot of your time. With professionals on your side, you won’t have to spend your weekends cooped up in a dusty room, working with flooring all day long. Instead, you can spend the day relaxing or running some personal household errands.

Whether you choose to make your vinyl flooring a project to work on independently or contract professionals for it, it’s important that your decisions be as informed as possible. Especially for people with no experience, doing your own flooring can be a dream-turned-nightmare when you’re left with a gapped or peeled floor. If you trust your skills enough, go for it; otherwise, phone your professionals and let them deal with it.