Close-up shot of Berber carpeting that has been installed to a living room in Concord, CAOriginally developed by the people of North Africa and the Sahara, Berber carpets are one of the most popular styles of carpets on the market today. Distinguished by multiple small loops instead of strands, these carpets can be divided into traditional, still handmade in Berber countries, and modern, mass-produced to resemble hand-woven carpets. Once placed mainly in offices and similar settings, Berber carpets can nowadays be found almost everywhere. If you are considering this type of carpeting for your home or office, here are the top 5 benefits of Barber carpeting.

  1. Durability – Barber carpets are famous for their durability. You see, carpets with higher loops tend to crush with time whereas those made with short loops, like Barber carpets, can last for a very long time without looking old or matted. This is also one of the reasons why Barber carpets are often found in offices and other areas with heavy foot traffic.
  2. Ease of cleaning – Another big advantage of Berber carpets is that they are easy to clean various spills and stains. Due to the carpet’s looped construction, spills tend to remain on its surface for longer, meaning that you can clean them up before they go all the way down into the fiber. Plus, if your Berber carpet features many colors, even if you cannot remove a stain, chances are it will not be noticeable.
  3. Affordable – Since Berber carpets can be made of several materials, their price range depends on your chosen material. While it is natural that wool Berber carpets will cost more (but provide excellent value for money), those made of other materials, including olefin and polyester, are more than affordable, suiting virtually any budget.
  4. Comfortable – Many people overlook comfort when purchasing a new carpet. However, it is important that your carpet feels good under your feet, given that you are purchasing it for your home, of course. Berber carpets made of wool or nylon are extremely comfortable, providing you with a cushiony feel as you walk. Carpets made of olefin and polyester are also comfortable, but some people do argue that they have an itchy or rough feel on bare feet.
  5. Good looking – Berber carpets come in all sorts of colors and designs, making them highly decorative but still able to adapt to all sorts of interior design solutions. You can place a Berber carpet in virtually any room and it will always look good, no matter the overall style of the room.

Berber carpets offer many advantages over other carpet styles, making them a superb choice for your living or working space. While no carpet is ideal – and Berber carpets do have some disadvantages, their pros greatly outnumber their cons, so if you are considering having it installed, you will be pleased with the results.

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