2017 has been another big year for home design! Whether you prefer carpet, hardwood, tile, or any of the other incredibly innovative flooring materials that are now available for homeowners, there’s something perfect for you. But with millions of square feet of flooring being installed in homes each year, everyone now has an opinion about what looks and works best.

The team at Floor Coverings International Concord isn’t necessarily ready to take a side in these debates (we’ll let each individual decide what the “best” flooring is for them), and there are way too many trends to list them all here. That’s why we decided to focus on just one category: hardwood flooring.

Without further ado, here’s an overview of some of the top trends and most polarizing hardwood flooring styles that we’ve seen this year.Hardwood floors in Concord area bedroom

Painted Hardwood

Sounds blasphemous, doesn’t it? If the thought of slathering paint all over your beautiful, newly finished hardwood floors sounds crazy, you’re not alone—but there’s an increasing number of homeowners doing just this. Originally a cheap way of finishing floors and making them smooth enough to walk on in colonial homes, modern designers are resurrecting this look because of the clean, minimalist look and contrast it gives to the room.

Grey hardwood in Concord kitchen

Light Grey Hardwood

Typical hardwood colors are apparently out (goodbye, traditional red oak and maple), while bold, standout grey finishes are definitely in (hello ash and super-durable hickory). Why go grey? A light grey floor looks ultra-contemporary, pairs well with unusual accent colors, and it tends to brighten up a room.

The Return of Parquet

A form of hardwood mosaic, parquet was once common in sophisticated palaces and aristocratic homes (often a replacement for marble). While parquet patterns were also popular in mid-century homes, they fell out of favor because of the time and labor associated with installation. Nowadays, advanced installation tools and methods make installing parquet patterns much more efficient, so it’s easy to bring these beautiful, dynamic designs into your home.

Wide Planks

Although they were once associated with a rustic, farmhouse look, wide planks are now a unique choice for homeowners looking for something distinctive. Though they’re trickier to install, the resulting look of wide planks is truly unique. Go for a modest 5” width, or really make a statement with extra-broad 12” planks.Wood-look tile floors in Concord home

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Hardwood

Some of the biggest trends in hardwood flooring are, oddly enough, not hardwood at all. Closely resembling hardwood planks, bamboo flooring has skyrocketed in popularity thanks to its comparable strength and superior eco-friendliness. And just as popular are laminate, engineered hardwood, luxury vinyl tile, and wood-look tile, which can all closely mimic the appearance of hardwood. Why choose these hardwood alternatives? Oftentimes they’re less expensive, easier to clean, or more durable.

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