Considering hardwood flooring for your Concord home?

Hardwood is popular for many reasons: it’s visually appealing, resilient, long-lasting, and adds value to your home. Hardwood is also natural and biodegradable. Hardwood floors often last for a lifetime, if cared for correctly. With sustainable logging practices, hardwood makes the ideal eco-friendly flooring. Luckily, there are a variety of sustainable hardwoods for your floors! Floor Coverings International Concord is happy to offer a variety of eco-friendly hardwood flooring options.

What makes certain hardwoods sustainable?

Sustainable hardwoods come from sustainably managed forests. This means forests that are designed stick around and that can be safely used for wood production without the risk of disappearing. These forests are populated by fast-growing trees that can keep up with demand.

To double-check that your wood is grown sustainably, look for official certification. The Forest Stewardship Council, abbreviated as FSC, is a certification you can trust. Their internationally recognized standards are offered to anyone who supports responsible forestry.

Sustainable Woods


Maple is one of the most populous trees throughout North America. It grows from Miami to Minnesota to Newfoundland. Maple hardwood creates pale floors, with darker grain in the wood, creating a visually appealing flooring. Sugar maple is one of the hardest types, making it an excellent choice for hardwood flooring. Silver and red maple are also hard, but less dense, making them easy to work with.

maple hardwood flooring


Bamboo grows extremely fast, which makes it a naturally sustainable choice. Strong but light, bamboo can be used to create floors with a bright, natural vibe. Bamboo hardwood floors are typically a light, warm brown, with little grain and a very smooth texture.

bamboo hardwood flooring


Oak is in no shortage: it grows throughout the eastern United States all the way to the west coast. Oak is an excellent wood for floors. Its hardness makes it durable and long-lasting. 

Each type of oak varies in grain and color, giving you lots of options when choosing a look. White oak can be used outdoors, having natural water-resistant properties. Red oak has a beautiful cherry tone and is ideal for indoor use.

oak hardwood flooring

Reclaimed Hardwood

Reclaimed hardwood, as the name suggests, is made from old wood given new form. Rather than being disposed of, the wood is recycled. Reclaimed hardwood floors can be a visually appealing, historic addition to your home. Just as durable as other hardwood options, reclaimed hardwood floors are ideal for a variety of rooms and can be used to create a distinct look.

reclaimed hardwood flooring

Find Your Perfect Hardwood Flooring

To learn more about the sustainable hardwood flooring options that Floor Coverings International Concord offers, give us a call! We offer a variety of eco-friendly flooring options to Concord homes. Book a free in-home consultation today!

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