Rustic hardwood floor in ConcordIn with the old and out with the new! One of the increasingly popular trends among Concord area homeowners is rustic hardwood flooring. Whether it’s by bringing in new hardwoods that are made to look old, or by repurposing old materials, hardwood floors with a weathered look bring a sense of time and drama to your home that is difficult to replicate with other types of flooring. Here are three different options that are sure to achieve that rustic feel you’re looking for:

Hand Scraped

Hand scraping dates back to medieval times when scraping tools were used to even out hand-cut planks of wood before sanding and finishing. Nowadays, hand scraping is a much simpler process that creates a truly unique, aged look that consumers desire. From lighter scrapes to deeper grooves and gouges, it’s up to you to decide just how rustic you want your floors to look. For added durability, hand scraped floors are often coated with a strong urethane finish that helps protect the craftsmanship and preserve the wood.


Similar to hand scraped flooring, distressed hardwood also achieves a great rustic look. What’s different is that the distressing is created by a machine rather than by hand.  Although this might make the flooring sound less unique, distressed hardwood does an excellent job of imitating aged wood. Because the planks come prefinished from the factory, installation is quicker than traditional hardwood, and with the variety of finishes available, you’ll be sure to find the floor that matches your aesthetic.


Reclaimed hardwood flooring comes from a variety of sources, such as old houses, buildings, and barns. Once sourced, it is typically washed and sanded to remove any dirt and the edges are reshaped to ensure proper fit and a level surface. When it comes to choosing the right wood species for secondhand flooring, consider harder woods such as maple, oak, or mahogany to be sure you get the most life out of your floors. Although it is relatively simple to find reclaimed hardwood, we don’t recommend going out and sourcing the planks yourself. Instead, rely on a professional to make sure you get the proper quality for home use.

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Photo © Artazum