Advancements in flooring materials, production and protection have prolonged the average lifespan of most flooring options. Regardless of whether you are looking for carpet, hardwood or virtually any other type of floor, you can rest assured that if you take care of your floor then it will last for years to come. To ensure that your floors last, follow these procedures to prevent, protect and repair your floors so they withstand traffic and daily wear and tear, especially if you have children, pets or anything else that will cause additional harm to your floors. Some of these apply to specific types of floors and some apply to all types of flooring.

Replace Broken Parts of Floor

Floors look really great when they look fresh and new. Over the course of time, all floors become more worn down, gouged, chipped and damaged. If nothing is done, the entire floor can become more damaged and vulnerable, so it is important to quickly address damaged parts of your floor regardless of if the floor is hardwood, carpet, tile or anything else.

Ensure The Protective Layer Is Up To Date

The protective layer of your floor is necessary to keep your floor safe from everyday traffic and accidents. Over time, the protective layer will wear away and will need to be replaced. As it is worn down, the floor becomes more susceptible to liquids, accidents and regular traffic.

Clean Up Spills Immediately

When an accident does happen, be sure to clean up any mess immediately. Leaving any spill unaddressed may cause staining, discoloration and difficulty cleaning. Depending on the floor, the spill can seep into the floor and create layers of problems. Acting quickly alleviates all these problems and reduces the impact of the accident.

Use Protective Pads, Wheels or Coasters Under Furniture

Aside from the traffic of walking around your home, the most friction that your floor sees is from the bottom of your furniture. If you don’t use any protective materials then you will damage your floor. Add felt, cork, coasters, wheels or something to the bottom of legs of chairs and couches to prevent them from scratching into your floor. This relatively cheap preventative measure can save you a lot of time, money and inconvenience down the road.

Safe Cleaners

Whenever you are cleaning your floor, make sure you are using safe cleaners. Some cleaners can damage the protective layer or the floor itself. Read labels and do your research before applying a cleaning solution to your floor.

These tips will make your floor last years longer than it would otherwise. If you are looking to have work done on your floor, like refinishing, partial replacement or full replacement, then contact Floor Coverings International of Concord, CA. Treating your floors well will make your entire home look healthier, fresher and durable, so be sure to take the necessary actions to preserve the value of your floors and home.