There are many important considerations when thinking about the ideal home, one of which is storage. Regardless of the room in your home, having a custom closet can significantly organize your space and enable you to use your available space for all the other necessities of a home. Custom closets are particularly helpful in bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms, although any room can benefit from customized storage. If you are thinking about adding or redesigning a closet, then consider these items as they will help you to optimize your space and get the most out of your closet.


The flooring you choose sets the tone and practicality of your custom closet. Depending on the type of closet, you may choose a hardwood, a tile or a carpet. Tile is good for closets that are exposed to moisture like cleaning supplies. Hardwood is aesthetically pleasing and relatively easy to keep clean. Carpet is the warmest of these options but can suffer from staining or getting dirty. For flooring advice, contact Floor Coverings International of Concord, CA.


The whole reason we have closets is to store your items in an easy, space efficient manner. Different items use different storage methods including shelves, baskets, drawers, hooks and more. Think about what will work best for your items before you just make storage space.


Along with choosing the right type of storage for your items is the layout of your closet. You want all items to be accessible, with the most accessible being also the most sought after. Make sure you have pathways through or around your custom closet so you can see everything and find your items even if you do not know where they are.

Building the right custom closet makes the difference between have an organized place to put all your items and having a place to pile your items so they are out of the way.