You want your home to carry that feeling of relaxation, calmness and tranquility throughout. Depending on how your rooms are arranged, the biggest barrier in making this happen is transitioning the decorations between each room. Your color choice, decorations, and, most importantly, floors need to work together so that nothing clashes. For your flooring needs, here are a few considerations that will help you to easily match different flooring options throughout your home.


Laminate flooring is reliable and dynamic. It is easy to install and can match the looks of a variety of flooring options including hardwoods. Laminate is relatively cost-friendly and can link together the looks of surrounding rooms. Laminate is also easier to keep clean making it a great option for many rooms throughout the home.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

One of the great tile flooring options is luxury vinyl tile. It is similar to laminate but it is more dynamic and comes in more looks. It better tolerates moisture than a laminate floor but can be harder and colder making it less comfortable to stand on. One main reason for using luxury vinyl tile is the great selection of available looks including hardwood, stone and much more, which means that there will be a look that will help unite the different floors used around the home.


A different way to bring together the different aspects of your home is to use carpet. Carpet is such a versatile flooring option. You can alter color, pattern, texture, depth, tone and much more. This makes it possible to bring together different aspects, including trim, flooring type and furniture, of your home without compromising quality. While carpet is a great option for many places in the home, it is more difficult to keep clean which is why it is not used in areas like the kitchen or bathroom.

Having smooth transitions between rooms and uniting your floors can have a very positive impact on the flow and feel of your entire home. Each of these options offer very effective ways to help bring together adjacent rooms. To learn more about these flooring types and to speak with a design professional about what will work best in your home, contact Floor Coverings International of Concord.