Bold blue carpetIn the past, it was more common for people to use their basic carpet as a neutral background for their room’s furnishings. Today, there are so many varieties available that carpet can be treated as the focal point of the room’s design.

Flecks of Color

In order to make your carpet the focal point of your room’s design, you don’t necessarily have to follow the “go big or go home” rule. A neutral beige tone is still perfectly acceptable. There are many carpet styles available today, many of which incorporate flecks of color into the often beige, tan, or cream-colored fibers. The combination of colors adds dimension and interest, while at the same time conceals dirt, stains, and other imperfections in the carpet.

Bolder Tones

If you choose to decorate with simple, monochromatic furniture, perhaps you’d consider installing carpet in a bolder color. This can add interesting contrast to the room, as well as create an appealing color palette. On the other hand, if your furniture is multi-colored and already of bold design, choosing a plain white or neutral-colored carpet can have the same contrasting effect.

Textures & Styles

Loop pile and cut pile are the two most common carpet types. All carpet begins as a loop carpet, meaning the fibers are woven in and out of the backing, creating a bunch of little loops of fibers. These can be woven in level loops or textured/multi-leveled loops. Textured loop carpets create interesting patterns and can give your room depth. In cut pile carpets, the loops are cut to create fibers that stand up. If you want a really noticeable pattern in your carpet, there are some types available that incorporate both loop and cut pile fibers.

For those looking to find intriguing designs in the cuts of specific carpet types, frieze and plush are both appealing options. Frieze carpet is a popular cut pile style. For its construction, the tufts are twisted tightly, causing them to curl at the top. Frieze often includes multi-colored flecks, which again creates visually appealing patterns. Plush carpeting is another cut pile that generally comes in solid colors, which is part of what gives it its design appeal. It is also very soft and smooth, giving it an elegant and inviting look.

If you’re looking to give your home a design makeover, new carpet might be a good place to start. Contact Floor Coverings International Concord today! We offer free in-home design consultations, where you can see how different carpet samples look in your home.


Photo credit: Iriana Shiyan