Engineered vs. solid. Oak vs. cherry. Wide vs. narrow. Floor Coverings International Concord knows there are a lot of hardwood options to choose from for your Concord home. Today, our post will help you decide on at least one of these options: finding the right hardwood plank width for your space.

wide plank wood floors ConcordWide Planks

Technically, wide planks often refer to anything that is over 5 inches wide. Nowadays though, many homeowners who are searching for wide planks are actually looking for extra wide wood that can extend outwards of 10 inches wide.

These extra wide planks are popular for a number of reasons. They produce fewer seams, creating a more streamlined look for your home and making the room appear bigger than it actually is. They also create more of a statement, adding a noticeable, bold touch to any room.

When installing these extra wide planks there are a few things to consider. Due to the large width, certain wood species are unable to be turned into planks of this size. Also, while this type of flooring can typically make rooms feel bigger, spaces that are too small should not utilize extra wide planks, especially in a dark color. The combination of dark and wide wood can encroach upon a small room and make it feel smaller than it actually is. Additionally, when installing wide planks, be sure that they are likewise long. It will enhance the look of your wide planks and keep the floor from looking choppy.

wide plank wood floors ConcordNarrow Hardwood

Narrow hardwood is typically 2-3 inches in width and is great for homeowners who want to incorporate patterns into their hardwood floors. This size of wood plank is especially useful for parquet wherein boards are fit together to create various geometric designs. Herringbone and chevron are two especially attractive flooring options that are possible with narrower planks.

While flooring can look a little busier with smaller planks, you’ll have complete design freedom to pick any species and style of hardwood for your home. 

Mixed Plank Flooring

Just like it sounds, mixed plank flooring combines narrow, standard (5-8 inch), and wide wood planks to create a visually dynamic look. This style of flooring can also look more natural and less manufactured. Additionally, while wide and narrow hardwoods are great for creating statement flooring, mixed planks produce a softer, subtler look that will easily adapt to any future changes you make to your décor.

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