hardwood floors concord, caSo you’re embarking on a remodeling project! You already know you want to install a new hardwood floor, but you don’t know which one to choose or why to choose it. When first thinking about selecting your new flooring, go back to the basics. Consider how you need your floor to function and how you want your remodeled room to look. Talk to the experts at Floor Coverings International Concord about your options.


If you have children, dogs, or other inhabitants that will be hard your flooring, you will probably want a harder wood. If you’re remodeling a room that doesn’t get much traffic, you can go with a softer wood. The Janka Hardness Scale rates hardwoods based on how much force it takes to embed a steel ball halfway into the wood. Listed here are several species, starting with the hardest: Brazilian redwood, hickory, pecan, hard maple, white oak, beech, red oak, yellow birch, heart pine, black walnut, soft maple, cherry, elm, and white pine. Ask your Concord flooring professional where the hardwood you like falls on the Janka Scale.


Colors tend to fall into the categories of light, dark, and gray. However, over the past couple of years, there’s been a trend toward more extremes, including whitewash and charcoal gray. Keep in mind that darker colors tend to make a space look smaller, so dark woods are often better suited for larger rooms.


Wood flooring is typically finished with polyurethane or oil and is available as a factory finish or an on-site finish. An oil-finished floor tends to scratch more easily, but the scratches are less visible than those on a polyurethane finish. Factory finishes are applied before your flooring is installed and are typically more durable than a site-finished floor. If you’re watching your pocketbook and don’t want to wait for your new floor, go for a factory finish. If you’re picky about the final look, you might want your floor finished on-site due to the variety of customized options available.

Plank or Strip

Planks make your room look larger but strips offer more design options. Planks are available in a variety of widths and colors, and strips are now being laid diagonally and in unique patterns like herringbone. You can even still opt for parquet!


The sky is almost the limit here, so think carefully about how you want your remodeled room to look. Grays and extremes are still in vogue for 2017, with light and blonde woods making a comeback. Looking for rustic? Select hand-scraped wood in varying strip lengths, or harness the originality of reclaimed barn board. If you’re going for a refined look, check out some imported wood options, and lay them diagonally with a glossy finish. Cork, bamboo, or reclaimed woods are all great options if you want to keep up with current trends.

Ask yourself how much your new room will be used, how you want it to appear, what kind of potential damage the floor will be exposed to, your budget, and what looks good to you. The answers will help you choose just the right hardwood floor! Contact Floor Coverings International Concord today for a free design consultation. We serve the Concord, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, & Martinez, CA areas and can’t wait to help you on your next project.


Photo: © Artazum