Carpet runner on stairs in Concord California homeStairs are a notoriously tricky area of your home when it comes to finding the right flooring material. For Concord-area homeowners, there are many reasons to install carpet on your stairs, such as cost and safety, but not all carpets perform well in such a high-traffic area with difficult corners and folds. Luckily, our carpet team is here to walk you through the steps of choosing the right carpet for your stairs.

Stair Design

One of the first things to consider when choosing the right carpet is the design of your stairs. If your stairs are straight and walled on both sides, the carpet you choose will only need to be folded in one direction. If your stairs are open on one or both sides, know that not all carpets are designed to fold in multiple directions without the backing showing through. In some cases, and depending on the carpet style you choose, a carpet runner might be a more suitable choice, as opposed to fully covering your stairs.


As with any high-traffic area, durability is key when it comes to finding the right carpet. Factors such as material, construction, and pile length and density are important when it comes to a carpet’s durability. A more dense carpet with shorter pile will often provide a more durable solution, and also traps less dirt and show less wear than a longer alternative. Be sure to pay attention to a carpet’s grade and manufacturer to help determine if it’s right for your home. Proper installation is also key for long lasting carpet. Remember, stairs are not as simple as they may seem, and installation should be done by a qualified professional.


As much as we all like the look and feeling of plush carpets with longer pile, they aren’t the best for your stairs. Shorter pile carpet with a thick and densely packed fiber will be safer and last longer than carpets like frieze and shag. Consider selecting a short, looped pile such as Berber that will last long and look great, either as a runner or in a wall-to-wall application. When it comes to material, wool and nylon tend to be more durable and will hold up longer than other synthetic and natural options.

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Photo © David Papazian