But before installing a hardwood floor in your home it’s your time to investigate the many important features that might make hardwood the perfect choice for you, or might steer you in the direction of another flooring material. Read on to discover if hardwood is the right flooring option for you.

Hardwood Flooring Pros

  • Huge Variety of Styles – No matter what your tastes are, there is sure to be a style of hardwood that suites your style. Hardwood excels at adding warmth and ageless beauty to a room. From woods like cherry, oak, walnut and bamboo, there is definitely something for everyone.
  • Versatile – With a hardwood floor it’s easy to achieve a new look any time you want. With simple accessories like area rugs, your floor will look like a fresh new space.
  • Great Value – Hardwood floors are on many home buyers lists of must have features. Installing a hardwood floor is a instant guarantee of increased value.
  • Easy to Maintain – If you want an easy to maintain flooring option, then hardwood’s for you. Just sweep or vacuum when dirty. Spills wipe ups easily without staining. And if you want to breath a little life back into an aging floor, using a wood cleaner every now and then can achieve the desired result.
  • Durable – If you want your flooring to stand the test of time, then hardwood is for you. When properly cared for, a hardwood floor can last you a lifetime or more.
  • Allergy Friendly – If you suffer from allergies, then a hardwood floor might be your best friend. Because they don’t collect allergens like dust, pollen or pet dander like carpet does, they make an excellent choice to escape from those itchy eyes.

Hardwood Flooring Cons

  • Cost – While the value of a hardwood floor is high, the cost can be high also. With hardwood you’ll be paying more than with other flooring options like carpeting.
  • Wears – While hardwood is certainly durable, it can also wear over time, especially in high traffic areas or as a result of a pet with long nails. Refinishing your floor can easily take care of worn hardwood making it look great again.
  • Temperature – Hardwood can be colder in the winter, especially if your house is drafty.
  • Can be Noisy – Walking on a hardwood floor is much noisier than walking on carpet, and other noises can be a bit louder too due to the flat surface.