concord hardwood patternIf you have decided to upgrade your flooring with the classy strength of new hardwood in your Walnut Creek home, you’ve won half the battle! Your next decision concerns the lay pattern: the physical arrangement of your hardwood flooring, plank to plank. You can choose from multiple styles, each with its own distinct aesthetic to complement your existing home decor. Today Floor Coverings International Concord lays it all on the line and covers hardwood lay patterns for your home.

Playing it Straight

The straight hardwood pattern is perhaps the most common. With this pattern, hardwood planks are laid straight across the width or length of a room, parallel to one another. Your installation professionals will typically be able to produce this pattern faster than the others, and with less hardwood product. Thus, the thraight pattern is often your most cost-effective option for a simple, yet modern accent to the floor of your selected rooms.

concord hardwood pattern

Dependently Random

Random-pattern hardwood is just a bit deceptive in its title. In fact, it isn’t truly random. With this pattern you get another parallel formation, as in the straight pattern, but now you may choose from a mixed array of differently proportioned planks. The width of each plank differs, lending to a more customized and personal ambience.

Diagonal Definition

This is another straight-lay pattern like the two previous styles, however, there is one key difference: diagonal lay patterns are arranged so that the hardwood planks lie at a 45-degree angle to the wall! This can produce a sense of whimsy or playfulness in the room of your choice.

Personalize With Parquet

With this lay pattern, smaller hardwood pieces are laid out in a geometric pattern, giving the floor a checkered look. Every individual square can feature its own unique pattern, creating a mesmerizing whole for the eye to absorb time and time again.

The Tone of Herringbone

This may be the most eye-catching pattern on the list. Herringbone consists of diagonal z-shape arrangements across the floor, like repeated chevrons. This can be done within parquet squares or freely throughout the floor. The outstanding energy of a herringbone lay pattern can bring life to a space in your home.

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