Hardwood floors are known for their beauty and classic look that can’t be matched by any other flooring type. That great look is not all that hardwood floors offer. Here are some other fun activities that you can only really do if you have hardwood floors.  These aren’t recommended for everyone, and certainly consult the homeowner and decoration specialist in the house to prevent breaking anything (especially if it is important!).

Slide in your socks

No other flooring type works quite as well when you want to slide across the floor on your socks. There are plenty of movie scenes you could reenact or you could just enjoying sliding around your kitchen and living room.

Roller chair races

Hard surfaces allow you to roll efficiently, which is the perfect setup for roller chair races. Any other floor won’t work as well; hardwoods are smooth and hard. Any wheeled event, like skate boarding or roller-skating, would work as well, but you run a higher risk of breaking things and damaging your floor.


A fun and easy rainy afternoon activity is a game of mini golf. Avoid metal putters to protect your floor. Rubber works great, it won’t mark up your floor or damage the finish. There are many ways to create a golf course, including deflections and obstacles. The hardwood creates a great quick surface that means little power can go a long way, which is what you want in an indoor activity.

Floor hockey

Floor hockey is fun to play on a variety of floors, but it is the most thrilling with hardwoods. The game is fast and exciting, especially if you decide you want to play in your socks for the extra thrill. Be sure to use sticks that are relatively soft on the bottom so you don’t damage your home.

 There are other great things you can do with hardwoods. Not too many floors are smooth and hard like hardwood floors. Be creative and have fun, but remember that safety is the most important.