Even after you have selected the flooring type that you want, you have to consider the pattern or style that you think will best work with your home. For something like hardwood or tile, this means selecting from a very large set of possible layouts, colors, and more. Tile and hardwood floors come in a variety of shapes and sizes that can be put together in different ways to create very different looks. Here are a few of our favorite looks that create unique spaces that can help to bring out your furniture or decorations.

Diamond Inlay Diamond Tile Inlay

There are many ways to incorporate a diamond inlay into your floor. The diamonds can be small or they can be large, they can repeat often or just a few times, and they can be a similar color to the rest of your floor or they can stand out. They will create a good separation from the rest of your floor and provide a valuable sense of depth and structure that is hard to get using other flooring layouts.

Basket Weave

Some of the most popular layouts for patterns are the basket weaving patterns. Two of the main looks are shown here, but there are still more available. These patterns are consistent and simple yet intriguing and dynamic. These patterns can make a room feel more relaxing and more welcoming.

Basket Weave Tile 1 Basket Weave Tile 2


The herringbone layout is another popular choice that can make your room looked stretched depending on how it is installed. The herringbone layout looks great with one color tiles or with different color tiles, it depends on what else you are going to put in the room and what will work best with your furniture. You can also choose to put adjacent pieces very close together or to separate them slightly and use the space in between to really show the pattern. It depends on what type of floor you are using as to what option will work and look the best.
Photo: ScottMurph/ Shutterstock. © ScottMurph.

Overlay vs. Alternate Joints Hardwood Installation

The big decision if you are installing floorboards is where to put the seams. You can line up the end of the floorboards in an alternate joint layout or the boards can be installed in a pseudo-random manner. Both look great and the overall appearance is not much difference, but it is a consideration to look at before the installation process.  The bottom left image shows the ends of every third floorboard lined up in an alternate joint layout which adds consistency to the floor and the room. The bottom right image shows an overlay layout.

Alternate Joints Pattern  Overlay PatternIt is amazing how much of a difference these patterns can make in the overall look and feel of any room in your home. To see these different pattern options and the different types of floors that can be used, contact Floor Coverings International of Concord. Serving the greater Concord, Walnut Creek, and Martinez, California areas.