If your home is built in the modern or contemporary style, you probably want modern flooring to go along with it. While some flooring options look good in any home (like hardwood), some floors are better suited for a modern home. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite modern flooring options.


Concrete is becoming more and more popular as homeowners look for a sophisticated, modern flooring option. Many people think of concrete as a boring grey slab of cement, but concrete floors come a variety of textures, colors and tones. Durable and easy to clean, concrete floors can be as subtle or as dramatic as you want them to be. Concrete’s downside is also its upside, which is that it is very hard. Its hardness makes it durable, but it can also be uncomfortable to stand on for long periods of time. Families with small children may want to avoid concrete in areas where their children play, as concrete provides little to no cushion for falls and wouldn’t be very comfortable to crawl around on!

Glass Tile

Most people are familiar with the use of natural stone or porcelain tile as a common flooring choice. And many people are also familiar with the use of glass tile as a kitchen or bathroom backsplash. However, what you may not have seen as frequently is the use of glass tile as a unique and modern flooring option. Glass floor tiles can be used throughout an entire floor or can be placed strategically among another flooring material to add visual interest. The tiles can be clear or opaque, depending on your preference.


Cork is a modern flooring option that gives a more natural feel than concrete or glass tile. Similar to bamboo in that it is very eco-friendly, cork floors have “give” and are comfortable underfoot. While many cork floors are available in light to red-toned colors, you can get darker ones for a more dramatic look. One downside to cork is that because it is softer than traditional hardwood, it isn’t as durable and resilient.

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