entryway flooring options in Concord, CAIn most Concord, CA, homes, areas like hallways, foyers, mudrooms, and other entryways get some of the most foot traffic. From muddy shoes and running kids and pets to everyday wear and tear, these areas can take a beating. That’s why special considerations should be made to select the best flooring for these areas. Consider these flooring ideas for your home’s hallways and entryways:

Tile Possibilities

For those looking to make a dramatic and positive first impression on visitors to their home, a tile entryway can make a stunning statement. Options like ceramic and marble are durable, attractive, and come in a range of styles, colors, and finishes. The look is clean, classy, and inviting. The downside of smoother tile options, however, is they tend to be slick, so they may not be an ideal choice for hallways in households with small children or active pets.

Natural stone tile options like slate and granite have a rougher finish and can offer more traction for those who want an inviting tile look in a hallway or entryway. Limestone and travertine are two other stone tile options. However, they are softer stones, so homeowners should consider having them sealed.

Carpet Choices

If you must have carpet in your high-traffic entry areas, go for a dense, low pile type such as a level-loop nylon or a pulled down style. Opting for a quality carpet pad can also help reduce wear. Carpet is one of the best non-slip flooring options, so it’s ideal for households with children. Carpet runners can also be added to any other non-carpet flooring option.

Wood & Laminate Options

You love the look of wood, but is it a good option for high traffic areas? In some cases it is. Wood can bring an attractive, cohesive look to a home that already has wood flooring in its larger rooms. The harder the wood, the more durable it will probably be (although durability also depends on other characteristics).

However, wood will be prone to water and moisture damage. A wood laminate can offer some protection against water damage in entryways and mudrooms. Laminates also cost significantly less than hardwoods and are less slippery, so they offer more traction. A matte or hand scraped finish can further assist with adding better traction to wood flooring.

Versatile Vinyl

Perhaps one of the best choices for entryways, as well as any other room requiring easy cleanup, is vinyl. Vinyl flooring has come a long way and is available in beautiful styles and textures. Vinyl can now emulate just about any wood or tile look you can imagine for your Concord, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, & Martinez, CA area home.

Vinyl tends to be highly affordable, and luxury vinyl can bring even more appeal and durability for a somewhat higher cost. Vinyl flooring is available in sheets, tiles, and planks for easy installation. It is also one of the most water-resistant flooring options, making cleanup a breeze.

Hallways and entryways tend to get the most traffic, making special flooring considerations a must. To learn more about your flooring options, contact the experts at Floor Coverings International Concord and schedule a free in-home consultation today!


Photo: © Artazum