Concord Area Rugs

Are you looking for a high-impact way to refresh your interior design? Do you worry about the effects of pets or young children on your hardwood floors? Do you miss the feeling of carpeting underfoot, though you’d rather not install wall-to-wall carpets? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to consider adding an area rug to your space.

Area rugs pack a powerful punch of benefits for homeowners, and at Floor Coverings International Concord, we love helping our customers select the perfect area rug to serve their flooring needs. Read on to learn our “Do’s and Don’ts” of adding a new rug to your space!

DO: Make Your Rug a Design Centerpiece

DON’T: Size Your Rug Too Small

Most interior design experts tell their clients to begin designing their space from their area rug. By centering their design scheme on their rug, homeowners create a consistent theme in the room that looks well put together and chic. Because area rugs should be the focus in the room, though, it’s important not to undersize your selection. Opt for a large area rug to truly enjoy all of its benefits.

DO: Layer Rugs for Effect

DON’T: Overwhelm Your Design Scheme

Another tip for creating cohesive interior design is to layer area rugs for effect in your home. By layering a narrow rug over a larger piece, you create a frame for the smaller rug and gain another layer of protection for the floors beneath. Be careful when layering area rugs, though, not to overwhelm your design scheme. This design strategy tends to work best when one rug is significantly larger than the other or when two smaller rugs are used together.

DO: Research Different Rug Types

DON’T: Forget About Outdoor Rugs

From wool to jute, seagrass to nylon, there are a host of different area rugs on the market. It’s important as you begin your search to research the area rugs available, so you can decide on the best match for your home and your goals. As you’re researching, don’t forget that outdoor area rugs are becoming more and more popular, too!

Whether you’re ready to add an area rug to your home, or you’d like some expert advice as you make your selection, the Floor Coverings International Concord team is here to help. We’re proud to provide area rugs for the greater Concord, Martinez, and Walnut Creek areas and would be happy to assist you in the search for the perfect area rug. To start the process of working with Floor Coverings International Concord on your project, call us today.

Photo: Christopher Edwin Nuzzaco