Cozy and cramped are often two adjectives that get confused. We know in Concord, after a long day at work and chauffeuring the kids around to soccer practice, the living room is a great way to bring a family together to relieve stress. Here are our best takes on how to create a living room that is cozy, and definitely not cramped.

Get Organized

Cramped spaces usually feature too many items scattered everywhere. Whether your living room suffers from an abundance of kid toys, books, or magazines, try to narrow down the piles to what is actually necessary in your living room. Can toys be contained in your kids’ room? Is there a central bookshelf to keep all the books together? These are just a couple of questions to get you started. Once you’ve narrowed it down to what is actually necessary for your lifestyle consider getting new storage units. This helps to give a fresh start to your space. If your storage units just need a little clean and some love, that’s great too.

Furniture & Scale

This is also a great time to analyze your furniture pieces. If it’s a mismatch of things from your single-college days consider keeping only the pieces that will coordinate with new purchases that you may bring in.

In addition, keep in mind how big these pieces are. Having a huge sofa with other gargantuan pieces in your very small living room will only create a cramped space. This is probably not the feeling you want after coming home from a rough day. Remember cramped and cozy don’t have to be interchangeable.

Texture, Texture, Texture

Creating a cozy space is all about texture. Think about hospitals for a minute. Is there usually a reason why it feels so sterile, besides the colors (or lack thereof) and smells? It’s because you mainly see the same textures.

Play with different coarse textures such as with linen and leather in drapes and upholstery. Rough and raised stone accents are a great way to make your space feel more unique. And of course flooring, don’t forget the floors! A shag rug lends itself to creating texture while a smooth wood floor with a glossy finish tends to do the opposite. If you want to turn down the cozy, bring in sleeker and reflective materials. These often appear lighter and more modern.

Choose a level that works for your design style. If you’re designing for a cabin in the woods, you can go pretty rustic and cozy; so pack on the texture. If you prefer a more traditional contemporary look, opt for less texture. Whichever direction you go in, we can help you create a living room that you can cozy up to anytime of the year.