carpet trends in Concord, CAGetting new carpet flooring installed in stylish colors and patterns can make your home look fresher, more welcoming, and more up to date. To achieve a trendy home with carpet floors, start by learning about some of today’s hottest trends in carpet design from your local experts at Floor Coverings International Concord.

Bold Colors Brighten Your Home

Bold and brightly colored carpets are a popular trend. These carpets are not just meant to be inconspicuous backdrops for the rest of the room, but they’re meant to be noticed. Both single and multi-colored carpets are in fashion, and a popular option is to use different colored carpet tiles to create a striking checkerboard-style pattern. When choosing specific colors, consider navy blue, olive green, berry red, hot pink, purple, and orange, all of which are currently trending.

Geometric Patterns

The trend towards bold carpet choices continues with the popularity of bold oversized geometric patterns, many of which are often inspired by abstract art. Look for large circles, triangles, and zigzag patterns, as well as irregular shapes. These bold designs are ideal for Concord homeowners who want their carpets to be seen and admired.

Texture Adds Interest

Whether you choose a bright, bold color combination, or you opt for a traditional neutral tone, texture can add beauty and interest to your carpet. Textured designs inspired by nature, such as leaves and flowers, are very popular, as are interesting textures in carpet yarns. In frieze carpets, the yarns are tightly twisted, which creates an attractive visual effect that also makes the carpeting more durable. Ribbed carpets have a texture similar to corduroy and look especially striking in today’s bold carpet colors.

Be Creative

Getting new carpet installed provides an opportunity to make a bold statement in your home. Be sure to look at a variety of today’s carpet colors and patterns to find the ones that best suit you, your home, and your sense of style. Have fun with it! Contact Floor Coverings International Concord today to schedule a free in-home design consultation. We proudly serve the Concord, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, & Martinez, CA areas.


Photo: © Eviled