It’s been a long day, and the only thing that you can think of to help ease the tension in your muscles is a nice warm bath. We couldn’t agree more at Floor Coverings International of Concord, so here are our tips to help you create a bathroom retreat.


This is a great way to set the mood of relaxation. A harsh white light would probably add to your frustrations. If you would be worried about the fire hazards of a plethora of candles, consider buying light bulbs in a yellow color temperature or install a dimmable control in your bathroom.

Bathtubs and Showerheads

One of the most important considerations, this is where you can get out the kinks and really take a breather. If you’re a bath person make sure you can comfortably fit into your tub; there are varying lengths. Many tubs also feature Jacuzzi streams for a perfect massage experience.

If you’re more of a shower person, consider the shower head. There are more options these days that offer varying water pressure and shower areas. There are also shower options that feature multiple shower heads for a full-body experience. Those are sure to help you unwind.


Are we the only ones in Concord who appreciate a fluffy towel? Hopefully not. After stepping out, almost nothing is better than the security of a warm towel or robe to wrap-up in. Having these towels or robes will help to lock-in your experience and provide a little bit of extra warmth after a tough day.


Speaking of stepping out, slipping after a luxurious bath or shower experience will not help to keep the tension away. Consider a plush bath mat to greet your feet when you step out. They also help prevent against water moisture although certain flooring naturally fits a bathroom needs more than others.

Tile is an obvious choice although wood flooring is sometimes seen. Be sure to seal tile and grout lines where applicable. At FCI of Concord, we provide installation for your remodel project for complete customer satisfaction.

We hope these help you start your pamper session!