Your wood floors take the most abuse of any surface in your home. Nothing is as difficult to maintain and clean than the thing you walk on all the time. The decisions that you make when it comes to your hardwood floor sometimes end up being the biggest decisions you make for your entire house. We’ll try to help you not make the wrong ones. Here are a few mistakes that people make when it comes to their hardwood flooring in Concord, CA:

Don’t vacuum with a rotating brush. Most people don’t realize this but your vacuum’s rotating brush can be death to wood floors – scratching and clawing their way around your elegant base. Prevent these scratches by turning off the brush roll or use a floor brush attachment instead. You’ll want to make sure that you vacuum often because dust and dirt particles when sitting too long can scratch your wood floor as well.

Don’t let your contractor skip the corners. This is probably the most common mistake that the average flooring contractor makes. Make sure your contractor is properly scraping each corner by hand. Without this sanding work, your corners will develop a swirl pattern or sanding arches, left in the corner from the edger. Nobody wants those ugly, rough arches in the corners of your room. Despite being easy to overlook, absolutely make sure your contractor properly finishes the edges of your wood floor.

Here in Concord, CA, there are lots of homes that date back decades. If you have a historic home with old wood floors that show the wears and tears of time, don’t look to upgrade quite yet. Wood floors are known to be quite resilient. They can last hundreds of years with minimal care, so think twice before jumping ship. First, think about what’s wrong with them. Do you not like the color? Stain it. Do you want a different texture or glossiness? Refinish it. If you’re concerned whether or not your broken floor is repairable, don’t fret the answer is almost always “Yes!” There’s always a restoration company or hardwood refinishing expert around to help rejuvenate your wood floors. Solid wood flooring is easily repairable, extremely durable and beautiful. Don’t tear up your hardwood in favor of tile or carpet if a few simple, easy fixes is all your antique floor needs to be resurrected to its glory years.

Although being timeless, hardwood floors take lots of effort and maintenance to properly maintain. Make sure you know what to look for when they’re being installed, take care of them properly once they are installed and if they don’t need to be replaced, don’t make rash decisions and replace them in favor of tile or carpet. Your property value will thank you in the long run.