concord wide plank flooringTrends in the flooring industry are always changing. What’s hot this year can easily become faux pas the next. Flooring materials come in and out of style on a moments notice. There is one flooring option that withholds the test of time and provides a timeless look that never goes out of style – hardwood. Obviously, hardwood is extremely versatile coming in a plethora of different textures, colors and styles. When deciding between which types of hardwood floors to utilize, consider wide plank options. Let’s discuss some of the benefits and drawbacks to this option.

Large plank wood floors offer a timeless appeal. Referring to boards greater than 3 inches wide, this type of wood flooring is becoming more and more popular. Whatever your design theme, wide plank wood floors are a great idea for homeowners with stylish decoration tastes. They come in such a range of size, color, finish and texture that you’re sure to find one that matches your personal taste. This versatility means that you can count on wide plank flooring to fit your budget – whatever that may be. Natural, engineered and laminate all provide wide plank options so you can mix and match where each material makes the most sense. You should also think about the environmental impact of your floors. Wide plank wood flooring is made from reclaimed lumber so it’s been “saved” from the waste stream to be put to good use again. Re-using this existing wood saves timber while providing that rustic, natural look.

There are so many positives when it comes to wide plank wood floors that it can be easy to overlook the few negatives. First, wider planks are more prone to “movement” than narrow strip floors. They will shrink and swell more with the changes in moisture and temperature. You can combat this by controlling the conditions inside your home or using an engineered wood that is more stable. Secondly, wide planks can cost upwards of $12-15 per square foot, which is about twice what strip flooring might cost. It depends on the type of wood and size of the planks you opt for but generally, wide is a bit more expensive than skinny.

There’s nothing more warm and appealing in your home than beautiful wide plank flooring. Benefits far outweigh the drawbacks of this type of flooring, so make the decision now. Check out the great selection of wide plank hardwood options at Floor Coverings International of Concord, CA. Our professionals will give you a free estimate on your next flooring project.