concord interior design

Carpet is a very common flooring choice for good reason. Comfortable underfoot and available in many varieties, it is a great solution for many spaces. It’s not a bad idea if you find a beautiful carpet that you love, to sculpt an entire room around that particular carpet. Here are a few things to consider when thinking along those lines.


One of the great features of carpet is that it comes in many different colors and shades, making it easy to find the perfect variety to fit your space. Putting a light, soft carpet in an area with plenty of natural lighting makes for a nice, relaxing nook for reading or other activities. Keep in mind that it’s much easier (and more feasible) to match paint to carpet than it is the other way around. If you’re planning a remodel, best to handle the flooring first!


Because carpet is often a more subtle tone, the focus can be on the furniture in the room. Arranging furniture in a living space to a symmetrical layout is eye-catching, and using a carpet with a subtle pattern will reinforce the measured feel of the layout.

Focal Point

Rather than being subtle, you could go the other direction by using a bold, striking pattern on the floor. Using a stronger pattern on the floor while using more subtle tones in the walls and furniture will draw the eye to the floor, making a strong impression on visitors. It’s a little outside the box, but this kind of interior design thinking is becoming extremely popular.


Another type of contrast can be done with the blending of styles. Incorporating elements of both modern and traditional design in the same room can prove to be beneficial. Although conventional wisdom holds that everything should match, adding a bit of contrast can really liven up a space. Using a more traditional carpet pattern can be an excellent complement to more modern furniture. A real yin and yang look that actually complements each other nicely for the benefit of a more beautiful look overall.

These are just a few things to think about when buying and installing your carpet! If you think carpet may be the right fit for your home, give Floor Coverings International in Concord, CA a call today to set up a free in-home consultation. We’ll help you find the perfect floor!