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We all know that carpet is a wise choice when it comes to your home floor. You may already know that carpet is the right decision for your particular space, but do you know which color scheme is right? Many new, exciting color trends are emerging here in 2014. At Floor Coverings International of Concord, CA we’re here to help. We’ve broken down carpet colors into four main trends. Before you commit to a carpet, consider which applies best to the look you’re going after.

Neutral Colors

The most sensible of carpet trends, neutral colors like beiges, tans and grays will always be safe. They can be warm or cool depending on the shade. It’s this versatility to match with the room around it that provides so much appeal to homeowners and it’s no surprise that most of the carpets you’ll see in any home fall under the neutral color palette. Think a neutral color is boring but still want that versatility? Consider selecting a carpet with a subtle pattern or obvious texture to bump it up a bit. This will create a somewhat bolder and fresher look.

Bold Colors

Looking to make a statement? Grab attention with big, bold color choices for your carpet. This can mean a bright red but also could mean stark white if your room is darkly painted. The key is to pair these bold colors with appropriate partners in order to create a room that’s coordinated. Make sure you know what you’re doing here or your room could turn out to be a disaster. Take care when choosing coordinated paints, fabrics and accessories that will match your bold carpet.

Warm Colors

One of the biggest benefits of carpet is that they offer warmth. Beyond the physical heat that an insulated, matted carpet provides, warm colors like yellows, oranges and reds offer a “mental warmth” if you will. Your room will look warmer with these bright, happy colors on the floor. In truth, when applying these colors to a carpet, bright oranges, reds and yellows often translate more into browns and rusts. If you’re looking to make an intimate room, darker, warmer shades of brown may be the way to go. In order to mesh well with other colors, graying down oranges and browns will create a more neutral, flexible look that complements a plethora of other colors.

Cool Colors

If you want your space to feel open and larger, consider cool colors like blue or green. Of course, the shade of these colors runs the gamut from light to dark. Generally, the lighter the green or blue color, the more open and airy the space will feel. Darker shades will make your room feel more grounded. Similarly to the warmer colors, adding shades of gray to blues or greens will create a more neutral feel, more usable to a wide variety of interior décor styles.

There you have it. Four carpet color trends to consider when picking a carpet for your home. Make sure you take into consideration your wants and needs when deciding which color scheme to commit to. For your next carpet job, give the professionals a call at Floor Coverings International of Concord, CA for free in-home estimates!

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