Your kitchen is an important room. Although you may not spend as much time there as you do in other rooms, you want it to feel nice when you’re there. In addition, it’s important to keep the place where you store your food nice and clean! Here are a few steps to take to keep your kitchen floors spic and span.


Make sure that you’re keeping your floors clean on a day to day basis. Clean up small spills quickly, before messes have a chance to set in. Wipe your shoes when coming indoors; tracking dirt in can result in scuffs and scratches as small rocks are inadvertently dragged across the floor.


Sweeping up dust and dirt is a good way to get started on a clean. Use a larger broom to clean the floor in sections, and use a handheld broom and dustpan to get smaller, tighter areas like under cabinets. The importance of this step will vary based on what type of floor you have and how messy it is. Sweeping on a carpet will not be very effective, unless it’s a low pile and the mess is larger and more solid (for instance, spilled chips). Conversely, a firm floor like hardwood or tile may only require sweeping up to be cleaned.


It’s a good idea to go one step further to get your floors really clean. For hardwood and tile floors, mopping can be the way to achieve this. Rather than using a classic mop and bucket, look for newer tools like Swiffer mops that can clean just as well with much less mess and setup. Be sure to stay off the floors while they are drying.

Spot Cleaning

To clean out specific trouble areas, use diluted dish soap (1-2 tablespoons to a bucket of water) and scrub gently over the area. Rinse and towel dry once cleaned. Avoid using abrasives, as these can damage your floors.