concord hallway flooring

Hallway flooring can be the most important in your home. It leads to and from the entryway, so it is the first and last flooring your guests see. There are several different routes to choose from and here at Floor Coverings International of Concord, CA, our flooring experts will jump at the chance to assist you in making the right decision for your home.

One of the first things to consider is what kind of property your home sits on, as well as its age. Hardwood is a traditional and always timeless material that can make your hallway inviting to guests. If your home is newer however, you may consider a more contemporary look, such as a natural stone tile like limestone or slate.

Whether you choose hardwood or tile, you will need to choose a color and style. For hardwood, you can choose light, medium, or dark shades. If you choose tile however, you are able to also choose colors such as blue, green, red, or perhaps a swirling mix of tan and white. If you choose solid hardwood, don’t forget the polish finish! Polish can go a long way by adding a touch of glamour and looking fresh day in and day out.

One thing to keep in mind is how easy your floor will be to clean. Hallways see a lot of foot traffic, collecting dirt, mud, and shoe prints, and need to be cleaned regularly. Tile or slate is most often the best choice for this reason, as it can withstand moisture and is easy to sweep, dust, and mop. A quick sweep with a broom every other day will keep your floor clear of mud in the winter and lurking allergens in the spring.

Here at Floor Coverings International of Concord, CA, we want to help you choose the perfect type of flooring for your hallways and entryway. Call today for a free consultation, where you can pick your flooring from our hundreds of samples from the comfort of your couch!

This blog post features a dramatic hallway photo by Jay Mantri, under Public Domain through Creative Commons License Zero (CC0 1.0).