Concord, CA carpet Carpet serves different functions in different areas of your home. The same plush carpet that works nicely in your master bedroom may be a disaster in your entryway or on the stairs. High-traffic areas have especially unique needs worth considering. Floor Coverings International Concord offers the following points to keep in mind as you select carpet for the most traveled areas in your home.

Berber is More Durable Than Shag

There’s nothing quite like the look or feel of shag carpet, but it’s not always ideal in high-traffic areas. Prized for its durability, Berber may be a more practical option. Its low pile is less prone to matting, and even if matting does occur, it’ll be less noticeable. Berber is also more likely to remain clean over time, as it is a notorious dirt repellant thanks to its tight, low loops. It holds up well against wear and tear from small children and pets, which makes it a great option for young families in the Concord, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, & Martinez, CA area.

Material Choices

Once you determine your preferred carpeting style, spend some time researching available materials. Polyester is a popular option in high-traffic areas, as it holds up well to regular use. Nylon can also be incredibly durable, particularly if you select a dense weave. High-quality olefin sometimes outperforms nylon and polyester, particularly in more humid climates.

A Quality Pad is Essential

As you determine the appropriate style and material for your carpet, don’t forget the pad, which is arguably just as important. Although the pad’s primary function is to promote comfort, it also plays a huge role in extending the life of your carpet. While a high-quality pad may initially be more expensive, it could save you a bundle in the long run. In the past, most carpeting installs featured waffle pads. However, most Concord homeowners today prefer urethane or bonded urethane, which tends to be more durable.

Color Matters

Certain colors are more prone to showing wear than others. Light hues are best avoided in areas prone to heavy traffic. Stains and grime that commonly show up in entryways and other busy locations are particularly noticeable on white, light gray, or beige carpet. Light carpet also shows off matting and general wear and tear. If possible, opt for a darker color or medium tone, which can camouflage problem areas.

Patterns Can Help

The right pattern can make all the difference if your goal is to disguise worn carpet. The best option is a seemingly random pattern. This will effortlessly draw eyes away from matted areas.

There’s no need to abandon carpet in high-traffic locations. However, as you make your final decision, you’ll need to think carefully about not just comfort and initial appearance, but also about durability. If chosen right and properly maintained, high-traffic carpet will look attractive for years to come. If you’re ready to get started in finding your new carpets, contact Floor Coverings International Concord today to schedule a free in-home design estimate!


Photo: © Artazum