Commercial carpetCarpet is a popular flooring choice for many office owners in the Concord, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, & Martinez, CA area. When choosing which type of carpet to install in your office or other commercial space, there are some things you want to consider.

Why Carpet?

Carpet is ideal for commercial interiors for a number of reasons; one being it adds warmth to an office space, creating a more cozy and comfortable work environment. Another reason is it’s soft to walk on while also absorbing noise and sound better than other flooring materials. This is important when sharing an office or multi-level building with other professional tenants. Many types of carpet can withstand high levels of traffic without breaking down or showing signs of wear and tear.

Types of Carpet

Loop carpet is the most resistant against daily wear and tear. Its construction is resilient against the high volumes of foot traffic most commercial spaces experience. Many flooring brands make special commercial-grade carpet that is even stronger than residential carpeting. When choosing the colors and patterns, you’ll want to look for those that effectively hide soiling and imperfections. You don’t want a light color because it won’t hide dirt. But you also don’t want extremely dark colors, because those will show lint. Generally medium-dark colored carpets with multi-colored fibers do this best.

Carpet Tiles

In addition to choosing your carpet’s construction and color patterns, you may want to consider carpet tiles. One of the most appealing features of carpet tiles in a commercial space is they are individually replaceable. With lots of shoe-covered feet walking across them day after day and spills from all the coffee refills, damage is almost inevitable. With carpet tiles you can replace only the damaged tile instead of having to do the whole room, which is not only much more convenient, but also a more cost effective solution.

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Photo credit: hxdbzxy