Your fireplace is a central decorative component of your home. Regardless of what room your fireplace is in, it has a strong presence and sets the tone for the entire room. You need to design the rest of the room to work with your fireplace which first starts with thinking about the design of the different components of your fireplace. We outline some of the important design aspects of your fireplace that are important for practicality, design and, most importantly, safety.

Head and Mantel

The areas just above your fireplace are some of the most important design elements to consider when looking at a fireplace. There are a nearly endless selection of options that range a variety of styles, colors, intricacy and more. Some prefer a shelf or shelves, a mirror or incorporating some form of artwork, while others prefer just a simple trim around the fireplace without the elaborate head and mantel that can define an entire room.

Firebox and Trim Panels

The firebox and trim are very important, especially if your mantel is not as prominent. You want your trim to help unite the interior of the fireplace and the rest of the room and home. Be sure to think about how you are going to match the trim of the rest of the room to the design fireplace as choosing the same color and design will help bring the room together.

Floor and Hearth

The last key component of the fireplace is the hearth. The hearth is crucial for both safety and appearance. There are a variety of durable and quality stone and slate hearths that look great and provide results. The hearth has to effectively combine the elements of the fireplace with the floor, which is not easy to do. You don’t want that part of your room to stick, but you do want it to add that unique character that can only come from a fireplace. Many choose to put a natural looking floor, like a hardwood or stone, around the hearth. For floor design ideas and assistance, contact Floor Coverings International of Concord, CA. Our experts are ready to help you find a design that fits the look you want and meet the expectations you have for your fireplace.

The fireplace is a unique and important part of any interior design and needs to be thought about to ensure that it gives you everything you want and works with the rest of your home. Consider everything from the inside of the fireplace to the surrounding components to make sure that the overall look and feel of the room is what you want.