Painted hardwood floors Concord, CAIf you keep up with current flooring and design trends, you’ve probably noticed the comeback of painted hardwood flooring in Concord, CA. Almost every notable design website has write-ups on “how to paint your hardwood floors.” This flooring style has been around for centuries, but has become less common. Back in the 1700s, people used paint on hardwood more as a protective method for the planks. We’ve come a long way with flooring and manufacturing technology. Now that finishes and stains are the best protective methods, painted hardwood is more of a design choice than a practical one. Here we’ll explore the style of painted hardwood floors, its pros and cons, and why people seem to love it.

Stylish Design

Style-minded homeowners are always looking for the next “cool” project for their space. Painted hardwood floors have been around for a long time, but have become more of a respected design choice more recently. If done right, these floors can add a trendy and accomplished look to your décor.

Pros of Painted Hardwood Floors

One of the great things about painting hardwood is you can choose almost any color you want. This is ideal for people who love wood, but also love vivid colors that can’t be found in natural wood varieties. Between all the different color and pattern options, painted hardwood flooring can be incorporated into a wide variety of design schemes. Paint can add a bold look to your space depending on your color choice. Common accent colors include brilliant blue or cherry red. People who prefer cleaner, simpler designs commonly opt for a classic white paint. Another benefit of this style of hardwood is you can use paint as a method of covering up scratches and scars on worn wood floors.

Cons of Painted Hardwood Floors

There are some downsides to this trendy style. One of them is that depending on what paint you use, it can be susceptible to chipping and peeling. If you choose to paint your hardwood, you want to make sure you do it the right way. This includes thoroughly cleaning your floors before you start, and using paint that is compatible with flooring. You’ll likely want to apply a sealer on top of the paint or else dirt and scuffs will be more common and harder to clean.

To Paint or Not to Paint?

Since hardwood flooring is generally a significant investment already, the decision to paint your floors should not be taken lightly. This method is more common for people who have older floors that have been worn down over the years. They use painting as a method of freshening and refinishing their hardwood. If you are looking to freshen up your wood floors, consider letting Floor Coverings International Concord help! We offer free design consultations in the Concord, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, & Martinez, CA areas.

Photo Credit: PlusONE