Best Hardwood for High-Traffic Areas Floor Coverings International Concord CAWhether you have guests over often or have a whole troupe of kids and pets following you around your Lafayette home, you know your floors can take a beating. The kitchen and the hallways of your house are the most likely to see heavy foot-traffic, and they can start to show wear and tear if not properly taken care of. Floor Coverings International Concord wants to help you pick out the best hardwood for your high-traffic areas and give you a few tips on how to keep your floors looking great!

The Janka Hardness Scale

When exploring hardwood flooring, a good place to start is with the Janka Hardness Scale. This scale effectively measures the hardness of a type of wood by determining the pounds per square inch (PSI) of force required to push a 0.444” steel ball halfway into a plank of wood. While this is not the only measurement that should be considered when deciding on flooring for high-traffic areas, it does give a general idea of how durable and scratch-resistant the material will be. For the most part, the higher the number on the Janka Scale, the stronger that species of wood is and the more likely it will be to hold up well as flooring. Some of the stronger varieties include Brazilian Cherry, Maple, and Mahogany.

While the Janka Scale is a good indicator of how a certain type of wood will perform in high-traffic areas, other factors can affect its performance including the finish and whether or not it is properly maintained.

Finish Strong

Once you’ve decided on a species of wood, it’s time to consider the type of finish you’ll want for the high-traffic areas of your home. One of the strongest options available is an acrylic impregnated finish. This type of finish creates an exceptionally hard, durable surface that will stand up to an extreme amount of foot traffic. In fact, many high-traffic areas like malls and restaurants frequently utilize an acrylic impregnated finish on their floors.

If you happen to own a pool, you might consider a moisture-cured urethane, or surface finish, for hardwoods located in entryways where soaking wet feet and towels might otherwise damage your flooring.


To keep your floors in great shape, try to establish a regular cleaning schedule. This doesn’t have to be exhaustive, but sweeping once a week and cleaning up spills as they happen can go a long way towards preserving your hardwood floor.

Beyond choosing a good finish, you can prevent dents and scratches by laying down area rugs, not wearing shoes indoors, and keeping the nails of your pets clipped and filed. In the event that damage is done to the floor, it’s best to seek out experts like those at Floor Coverings International Concord to assist you in determining your next step.

Floor Coverings International Concord is proud to serve Concord, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, & Martinez, CA. If you are considering installing hardwood in your home, give us a call. We would love to set up a free in-home design consultation for you and help you find the best hardwood for your home’s high-traffic areas.

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